Using Diesel Generators as an Alternative Power Source

A power outage can lead to costly downtime, thus putting a dent in your profitability. But this situation can be avoided by falling back on diesel generators as an alternative power source at your site or facility. Sourcing a high-quality generator is a task that calls for substantial groundwork and investment. That’s where—a part of Powko Industries—comes into the picture.

When our customers describe their application, we draw from our wide experience to suggest the best and most budget-friendly diesel generators. Powko’s custom towable generators have been very popular with the oilfield industry, where operations are subject to harsh conditions such as vibrations, strong winds, dust, rain, and sun. 

We have spent several years in developing a feature-rich range of
• Steel parts that are exposed to the environment are first galvanized to make them immune to rough environments. 
• Galvanizing the frame, boom and bender significantly enhances the life of our industrial generators.

• Our used generators are often in a condition that’s good enough to be auctioned; they needn’t be sent to the scrap yard. 

• Powder coating is a cheaper alternative to galvanizing, but it’s not half as effective. Competing brands report to powder coating to save costs, while we don’t. also offers you attractive rental schemes on backup diesel generators if you don’t wish to purchase one. Should you need more information, remember, we are only a phone call or email away!

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