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Towable Generators and Fixed GeneratorsGenerators are a great help for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. There are different kinds of generators available to suit various requirements, including towable generators, fixed generators and many more. Designed to perform under the toughest conditions, our towable generators are crafted and engineered for commercial and rental applications requiring silent operation, optimal performance and greater reliability.

Powko offers superior towable generators as well as fixed generators along with consultation to ensure that you get the right product for your purposes. The experienced technicians and professionals at are always at your service should you require any kind of assistance. The towable and fixed generators offered are efficient, durable and trusted products. We’ve earned a reputation in the market by offering world class products at very competitive rates. An entire jobsite can be powered from one towable power generator provided by us.

When it comes to fixed generators, the performance and durability of the products offered by speaks for itself. Fixed generators provide you with an added sense of security during unpredictable weather, guarding you against an eventual power failure at your residence, office or workplace.

Fixed generators are generally connected directly to the existing wiring of the building to provide standby electricity during power shortages. The installation requires extensive knowledge and should be left to a licensed electrician in order to avoid any mishaps.

Fixed generators are a great way to ensure that you are comfortable. They are convenient to use and are silent enough to avoid any kind of noise pollution. Be it a big or small fixed generator, its importance remains the same. The manual and safety instructions must be read carefully before starting. Before buying a fixed generator, do consider how you'll be using it, as to ensure that you're buying equipment that is correctly sized for the application you have in mind.