Industrial Generators are Trusted Sources for Backup Power in Various Applications

In an industrial or manufacturing environment, a power outage or lack of a reliable backup power source can break the routine and bring the work to an utter halt. In such times, industrial generators are the efficient workhorses of any business and industrial unit. They run 24/7 and supply continuous and reliable power to the required location. owns a gamut of exclusive line of heavy-duty industrial generators and gensets. We offer myriads of models under gensets. One of our most popular and latest generators is the Powko Quiet Series. The products offered under this brand have advanced power control options to gain maximum efficiency. In addition, we also stock other generator brands like Terex, Genie and Magnum. The generators offered by us under these brands have the potential to provide single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase power supply.

Our generators are built to cater optimum performance and good reliability even in the most rigorous indoor or outdoor conditions. So, if you need a reliable and durable power source during power failure for your industrial or remote-location operations, is the ultimate solution. We are a trusted source for commercial and industrial power generator rentals and purchase, and also a leading distributor of portable power products.

Furthermore, we are also a leading house for generator maintenance and repair. We offer these services on-field as well as at our fully-established and equipped facility. will assist you well. We will help you in selecting an appropriate size and power range generator and even offer shipping and installation assistance. Our end-to-end services are specifically designed to make your purchase smooth and help you save both money and time. Visit us at

No-Compromise Industrial Generators from

A power cut can be the cause of short-term losses, but unproductive industrial generators can often be the root cause of long-term losses. In our observation, businesses sometimes go years without realizing this crucial problem. At, we stock industrial gensets that are tried and tested for their efficient performance. This means that you get the best performance from day one and it continues over the lifetime of the generator. is a leading distributor of generator name brands such as Magnum, Terex, Powko, and Genie providing single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase power. The products sold under these brands are designed for superlative performance in 24/7 industrial environments. These workhorses are driven by high-performance engines from the house of Mitsubishi, Isuzu, John Deere, Perkins, Kubota, or Lambourdini.

Notable features of our industrial gensets are:
  • Can be used for prime or back-up power requirements ranging from 6KW to 120KW.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These units can be specifically designed in explosion proof or high temperature configurations.
  • All the units we stock are tested for fuel-efficiency and clean, uninterrupted power.
  • Each unit comes with the assurance of responsive maintenance service and aftermarket part supplies. also offers rental services on all its products. Speak with us for renting your chosen generator model and we can work out a tailored package for you. If you have urgent back-up power requirements, avail our same-day shipping benefits on industrial power generators.

We stand committed to fulfilling your prime power or back-up power requirements with a full range of products, OEM parts, and after sales service. Please visit

Using Diesel Generators as an Alternative Power Source

A power outage can lead to costly downtime, thus putting a dent in your profitability. But this situation can be avoided by falling back on diesel generators as an alternative power source at your site or facility. Sourcing a high-quality generator is a task that calls for substantial groundwork and investment. That’s where—a part of Powko Industries—comes into the picture.

When our customers describe their application, we draw from our wide experience to suggest the best and most budget-friendly diesel generators. Powko’s custom towable generators have been very popular with the oilfield industry, where operations are subject to harsh conditions such as vibrations, strong winds, dust, rain, and sun. 

We have spent several years in developing a feature-rich range of
• Steel parts that are exposed to the environment are first galvanized to make them immune to rough environments. 
• Galvanizing the frame, boom and bender significantly enhances the life of our industrial generators.

• Our used generators are often in a condition that’s good enough to be auctioned; they needn’t be sent to the scrap yard. 

• Powder coating is a cheaper alternative to galvanizing, but it’s not half as effective. Competing brands report to powder coating to save costs, while we don’t. also offers you attractive rental schemes on backup diesel generators if you don’t wish to purchase one. Should you need more information, remember, we are only a phone call or email away!

Harsh Outdoor Operations Made Easy with Diesel Generators

Most of our customers that purchase diesel generators use them in harsh environments and rugged terrain. Every time a customer voices concerns about whether these generators would be able to withstand such hostile work environments, we tell them that our generators are manufactured keeping in mind ‘worst case scenarios’. This essentially means that that our generators are not only exceedingly durable, but can work for months without maintenance issues.
At, we carry a ready inventory of the best brands of backup diesel generators that will prove to be your reliable partner in tough situations. These products are among the best available anywhere in the US market today. Add to that our competitive pricing and quick shipping services, and you have the most desirable combination. Today, our customers extend beyond United States; they come from several other countries.
Our team at has always been focused on creating industry-specific industrial gensets. One such successful product line was for the oilfield industry. Over the years, we have managed to garner many loyal customers from different industry verticals. When you purchase from us, you can expect industrial generators that are low on fuel consumption and high on the output factor. Our custom towable generators are used in several countries across the globe today.
When you partner with, non-performance and maintenance issues will never be a cause for disappointment. To learn more about the benefits of our diesel generators.